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Buying This Summer Be Preared For Bidding Wars

Buying This Summer? Be Prepared For Bidding Wars Summer is traditionally a busy season for real estate. Buyers come out in force and

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Declutter Your Living Spaces

The average person will spend a total of 3,680 hours, or 153 days of their life, searching for misplaced items  "Typically, the only time many of us think about decluttering our homes or spaces

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Next Recession In 2020 What Will Be The Impact

Economists and analysts know that the country has experienced economic growth for almost a decade. They also know that a recession can’t be too far off. A recent report by Zillow

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Do This Not That

BUY SMART:What will this home and neighborhood look like to buyers in 5 or 10 years?Even if you don't have kids, factor in whether the school district will make the home more appealing to a family

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